Sustainability. Renewability. Greenability… why should you care? Because homes built with green materials are more durable. The quality of a green home is better than its un-green counterpart. Building green is easier on the environment; fewer resources are consumed both in building it and running it. Green homes last longer, which means your investment has more value, long and short term. And speaking of money, your energy bills plummet. You use less water. You and your kids breathe healthier, cleaner indoor air. We install low-E windows insulated with double-paned glass. You enjoy great natural light and a bright interior plus passive solar heat gain in cold weather and limited radiant flow during the hot summer. A superior heating and cooling system, high-performance windows and an efficient furnace all work to create an overall feeling of comfort.

But there’s more to Markel’s Green Mindset than saving money or feeling comfortable. Outdoor living decks and patios create a “green” experience, in tune with nature. Oversized garages with bike and scooter storage and main floor home-office space support your resolution to drive less or work from home. We do our best to offer our homeowners access to Colorado’s stunning natural beauty, thanks to picturesque views and access to open space and trails. And because we believe in developing infill sites, the local coffeehouse, restaurant or public transport is usually a walk or bike ride away.

Green isn’t some bandwagon we jumped on when the topic got hot. We started incorporating green technology into our construction long before “green” acquired the status it enjoys today. Through the years we’ve steadily strengthened our commitment to the environment, to sustainability and to homebuyers opting to live as conscious stewards of the planet. A longtime Energy Star® partner, 100 percent of the homes we build are high-performance homes, which means their green features are independently verified as meeting a strict set of standards required for certification.

Here’s another fact we’re proud of: To date, Markel Homes has built more Energy Star homes in Boulder than any other builder, and we’re gearing up to raise the bar once again. In a few months we’re going another notch greener when we adopt Energy Star’s version 3.0, a set of upgraded energy and building standards launching in the fall.

If you haven’t already, start thinking green. It matters how and where you live. More than an energy-saving dishwasher or a setback thermostat, green is a mindset, a way of life, with benefits for you, your family and your planet. For more information about green building practices at Markel Homes, click Live Green on our home page.

Want specifics? Here’s a sampling of our standard green features:

  • House wrap to reduce air and moisture infiltration
  • Low VOC paints and cabinetry
  • Water-based finishes on all hardwood flooring
  • Durable and long-lasting exterior building materials, such as stucco and cement board siding
  • Engineered wood products to replace solid lumber
  • 2×6 framing and recycled-content, formaldehyde-free blown cellulose insulation
  • 92%+ high-efficiency furnaces, and all ductwork joints sealed with low-toxic mastic
  • Third-party tested and HERS-rated to meet ENERGY STAR® standards
  • Double-paned, insulated, argon-filled and low-E glazed high-performance windows
  • ENERGY STAR®-rated appliances and automatic setback thermostats
  • WaterSense® certified bath and kitchen faucets, and low-flow showerheads and toilets
  • Passive radon mitigation system included, and active radon mitigation ready
  • Solar capable and options such as solar PV panels and solar hot water
  • Customization choices like strand-woven bamboo flooring, eco-friendly carpet, Indoor airPLUS packages and advanced lighting packages