As buyers and as builders, it’s OK to feel a tiny bit smug when an outside source recognizes something you’ve known all along: Louisville is a great place to live.

The city that ranked third a year ago on Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live list has done it again, only this time in a tougher housing market where bad news grabs the lion’s share of headlines.

The May issue of 5280, the definitive guide to all things Denver, highlights 14

neighborhoods “Where It’s Safe to Buy (Even Now).” Guess who made the list (and isn’t even in Denver)? That’s right. The up and coming, getting more and more attention for more and more reasons, Louisville.

5280 describes Louisville as a “sleeping giant of real estate” and offers praise for its quaint downtown, active cultural and civic calendar, eclectic mix of old and new home styles, and family-friendly atmosphere. The fact that its “Mayberry-style ambience” is an easy commute to several tech companies, the University of Colorado, and Denver is an added boon in this era of pricey gas. Upcoming rail access, great schools and a community-building Main Street all factored into their selection.

As the first new neighborhood in Louisville in nearly 20 years, North End is a proud co-sponsor of the 2008 Louisville Downtown Street Faire. Join your neighbors on Friday nights from 5-9 PM for live music, food and activities for the kids. The Faire kicks off Friday, June 13, and runs throughout the summer.

The Louisville Farmer’s Market is in full swing from 9-2 PM every Saturday between now and October 25th. Located in downtown Louisville, the market is a tribute to Colorado farmers, gardeners, wine makers and artisans, with great-tasting fruits, vegetables, breads, herbs, sausages and wines.

Summer’s a great time to check out a community and its neighborhoods. North End is open daily 11-6 PM. Our first homes are well underway, with a July move-in target.

Come over on your bike and test the trail access. The incredible view from beautiful Hecla Lake is worth the ride.